An Innocent Cup of Coffee

Coffee= Caffeine is addictive, Addiction is defined as an urge to consume a substance being aware that having it will cause harm. Caffeine is said to block the adenosine Transmitter responsible for inhibiting the body systems and producing sleep and slowing down functions, Apart from that caffeine also causes high blood pressure, higher heart rate, Osteoporosis as the calcium absorption is reduced, sleep problems, headache, Depression, withdrawal symptoms, etc. Therefore the question is how much is still good for the body.

How Does It Work?

A regular cup of coffee has 200mg of Caffeine ..which takes 6 hrs. to become half in the body that is 100mg, so if you have a cup of coffee by 7 am it still 100gms at 1 pm and becomes 50 mg at 7 pm so after 12 hrs. of a single cup of coffee you still have 50 mg left and in the next 6 hrs. which is 1 am there is still 25mg left in the body to be absorbed and metabolized so any additional caffeine in the shape of a Soda, chocolate is just adding more caffeine in your body and asking for additional work in metabolism.

How much Is dangerous?

Well, the average limit of caffeine is 200mg/kg for a healthy adult, this is not considering any medical conditions such as Hypertension, Heart Condition, or medicines such as Ephedrine, Pregnancy and other Medical conditions that prohibit caffeine intake. However, that really means that a 50 Kg person has to have 50*0.2kg of Caffeine which comes up to around 10 cups of coffee in one go to really cause very very serious effects may be death. However small intake of caffeine regularly causes addiction and withdrawal. This can be very dangerous too because the effects of caffeine are related to how the brain functions and how it impacts the body. It is suggested that 300gms of caffeine is a good measure of coffee in your body. So a small cup and there are ways to keep you up like Meditation, Exercise, Quantity intake of food in a day and overall interest in the activities that you do in the day.

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