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The following applies to all products, programs, courses, and any other content offered through Sameera’s Win Over Mind.

References to Sameera’s Win Over Mind and The Foundation for Post-Traumatic Healing and Complex Trauma Research are one and the same.
We are so thankful for every person who purchases a course or a membership to one of our programs or engages in any of the free content we offer. We understand it’s an important decision to invest in yourself and your healing, and we strive to make our programs and courses as affordable as possible and include the most value in each one.
We also understand that everyone is at different points in their healing journey and may desire to cancel their membership or otherwise no longer use our services.
The following outlines our cancellation policy and refund policy.

Nothing on this website is a substitute for or a replacement for professional medical or mental health care. Sameera’s Win Over Mind is not a primary care provider. All program participants must be medically stable in order to participate and do so of their own free will. In addition, by participating in any program or resource, you are releasing Sameera’s Win Over Mind from any and all liability of any type, for any reason as outlined on this page, the Terms of Service, the Privacy Policy and Full Site Disclaimer, and/or as outlined on program registration forms.


Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel your membership and/or account at any time, for any reason, via one of the following methods for any of our programs, resources, online summits, online workshops, or any paid content provided by Sameera’s Win Over Mind:
• Directly through your PayPal Account.
• Directly through our payment processor for credit cards, Stripe.
• Contact us to cancel your membership for you.

Refund Policy:

Due to the digital nature of our programs and services, there are no refunds available after the purchase has been completed. The only exception to our Refund Policy occurs if the following conditions are met:

• Cases where cancellation was verified and billing occurred after the confirmed cancellation request via the member’s area, members profile, email to Sameera’s Win Over Mind, or other confirmed correspondence.
• Cases where a member upgrades to a higher paid membership that includes access to the current level of membership they previously had. In which case, a refund may be offered for the most recent payment only of the current level of membership before the upgrade only.
• Any eligible refunds will be processed and completed via the PayPal account or Credit Card used for purchase.

The following outlines additional specific cancellation and/or refund guidelines for the referenced programs:
Daily Recovery Support, Daily Recovery Replay, Healing Book Club, Mindfulness Prayer and Meditation Circle, Weekly Creative Group, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Trauma-Informed Meditation, Trauma-Informed Partner Support, Trauma Recovery Coach Training and Case Consultation, Pride Support Program:

When you cancel your membership to any of these programs, your membership status will remain intact for the remainder of your current billing cycle (monthly, 6-month, or annual) unless you notify us to cancel before the end of your current billing cycle. At the end of your membership billing cycle, access to the member’s area for each program will end automatically. Your ability to join any available live calls for these programs will remain intact until the end of the current calendar month for monthly programs, or until the end of the calendar month that coincides with your billing cycle for 6-month or annual memberships. Member’s area access runs for consecutive 30-day cycles from the day you purchase access to a program that has this option. Access to join live calls that are available for any program, runs on a consecutive calendar month.

Daily Encouraging Texts:

When you cancel, you will stop receiving texts at the end of the current billing cycle which runs for consecutive months based on the start date, unless you notify us to cancel your texts sooner).

In order to stop receiving the daily texts, you will need to reply “stop” to any text from Sameera’s Win Over Mind, and also cancel the billing portion via one of the options listed below.

Virtual Summits and Virtual Workshops:

When you purchase either lifetime access or limited access to Virtual Summits and/or Virtual Workshops, you will receive an email with information on how to access the content and/or be made aware at checkout, before you complete your purchase, when the access will be available. These workshops are typically a one-time fee to purchase access to the content, unless otherwise specified, which means for as long as your account is on file in the members area you will retain access to the content for as long as it’s available. If you wish to cancel your access to this type of content, you will need to contact us directly to advise of your desire to cancel. We will then remove your access to the programs with the understanding there are no refunds available, and access will not be reinstated even though previous payment has been completed.

Additional Information:

There are no refunds available, partial or full, due to not receiving emails containing information about the program or course you have purchased. It is your responsibility to contact Sameera’s Win Over Mind if you do not receive login information, Zoom call information, or any other necessary correspondence to fully participate in the program you have purchased.

Sameera’s Win Over Mind will email you at either the contact email address you used on your registration form and/or the email address you have on file in your member’s area, with all necessary information needed to join the call or utilize the program you have purchased. Sameera’s Win Over Mind is not responsible for lost or not received emails or those that may get caught in spam or bulk folders. In some cases, the login information may change from month to month, in which case you will need to ensure you have checked all emails addresses used in correspondence with Sameera’s Win Over Mind, to verify you have received the information required to participate.

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