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Saying "Move On" is easy, but it isn't easy when you don't know how to, right?

The heart & brain don’t walk together and all you can feel is pain and distress of having to go through the tough emotional turmoil of breaking up a relationship.

You don’t have to stay in pain, you can let it go in a healthy manner. You just have to take a step towards healing!


Do you think you will Never Fall in Love Again?

Navigating through complex relationships, breakups, and handling separation becomes a painful process when we aren’t able to understand the right way of moving forward.

It’s completely natural to have moments where you think about or miss an ex-partner. However, it’s important to remember that constant monitoring or tracking of their activities can be emotionally unhealthy for you and may hinder your own healing process. 

Sameera Sachdev

Sameera Sachdev

RCI Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Brown University Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Grief and Trauma Specialist from Institute of Loss, Portland, EAP Specialist for Mindfulness Based Practices- Stress, Sleep and Pain, Certified CBT & DBT Practitioner

You are Not Alone!

  • The Desi Stats: Approximately 65% of individuals in India report experiencing emotional distress and sadness following a breakup, as suggested by a study conducted by a local mental health organization.
  • Research Data: Another research study, conducted by the American Psychological Association, found that around 60% of individuals reported significant feelings of sadness, anger, and distress immediately after a breakup.
  • Stats from eHarmony: Data from a survey by eHarmony suggests that around 71% of people have experienced at least one significant breakup in their lifetime.

How To Effectively Handle A Breakup ?

It's possible to fall in love again, but you need to trust the healing journey first!

  • Process the blame for self and others to feel free
  • Release the sorrow with guidance in compassion to establish comfort
  • Break patterns of stalking, sending messages and waiting for replies
  • Handle the rebound fetish


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After my devastating breakup, I found solace in Sameera Maam's guidance. Her empathetic support and insightful advice were a lifeline during a challenging time. With their help, I've not only healed but also discovered a stronger, more resilient version of myself. I'm immensely grateful for their unwavering support.
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Sameera has been an invaluable source of comfort & wisdom following my breakup. Their caring approach & practical advice helped me navigate the emotional storm. Thanks to their guidance, I'm now on a path of healing & self-discovery. I can't thank Sameera enough for being there when I needed it most.
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