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Stress Among Students

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder. It is estimated that about 10% to 30% of adults in the general population experience insomnia symptoms, with approximately 6% to 10% meeting the criteria for an insomnia disorder.

Enduring sleepless nights, profound sadness, anxiety, & a profound sense of helplessness, we have traversed the most challenging emotional depths. In this journey, we demonstrated resilience, emerging stronger from adversity. Having steered more than 12,600 lives, we have cultivated a flexible approach that empowers individuals to navigate their grief, embrace growth, & find solace.

Stress Management

Women are more likely to report insomnia symptoms compared to men, and this gender difference may be partly due to hormonal factors. It is common among older adults, it can affect people of all age groups.

Our evidence-based approach distinguishes itself from mere temporary solutions. Utilizing personalized assessments, our program seeks to enhance your comprehension of your emotions and experiences, as indicated by relevant psychological studies & data analysis.

  • Chronic Insomnia: Around 10% of the population may experience chronic insomnia, which lasts for at least three months. Women are more likely to report insomnia symptoms compared to men, and this gender difference may be partly due to hormonal factors.
  • Chronic Pain: Chronic pain is a widespread issue, and it affects millions of individuals. In the United States, for example, it is estimated that about 20% of adults (approximately 50 million people) experience chronic pain.
  • Common Types: Common sources of chronic pain include back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and various musculoskeletal conditions.

Stress And Student Life

The transition to college life is an exciting yet challenging period for many students, marked by newfound independence, academic demands, and social pressures. Managing stress during this phase is crucial for both academic success and overall well-being. Fortunately, many educational institutions recognize the significance of student stress management and offer counseling services to support their students. First and foremost, college students often face academic stress. The pressure to excel in coursework, meet deadlines, and perform well in exams can be overwhelming. Effective time management, study techniques, and stress reduction strategies are essential for students to maintain their mental and emotional health.

Furthermore, students experience personal and social stressors. Away from home and their familiar support systems, they may face issues related to homesickness, relationship challenges, and peer pressure. 

Counseling services provide a safe and confidential space for students to discuss these concerns, develop coping strategies, and gain emotional support.

In some cases, the stress can escalate into more serious mental health issues like anxiety or depression. Here, counseling services play a critical role in early intervention. They offer professional guidance, therapy, and resources to help students navigate these challenges and prevent them from interfering with their academic journey. Moreover, counseling services can address lifestyle-related stressors, such as substance abuse, sleep deprivation, and poor eating habits, which can exacerbate stress. Through education and support, students can learn how to make healthier choices and adopt balanced lifestyles.

To achieve the impossible, one must think the absurd; to look where everyone
else has looked, but to see what no one else has seen."

Nobel Laureate, Albert Szent-Györgyi


Sameera Sachdev's stress management sessions have been a game-changer for me. Her guidance and strategies have empowered me to handle stress in a healthier way. I now feel more in control of my life and emotions. Sameera's expertise and genuine care for her students shine through in every session. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to lead a more balanced, stress-free life.
Ayush Ghosh
Software Professional
Taking Sameera Sachdev's stress management sessions was a turning point in my student life. Her insightful techniques and practical advice have not only helped me excel academically but also improved my overall well-being. Sameera's support and wisdom are invaluable, and her sessions are a must for anyone looking to navigate the challenges of student life with confidence and serenity.
Ayush Ghosh
Home Maker

Students Rock

Stress management sessions for students have been a game-changer for a lot of students across globe. Proper guidance & strategies will empowered you to handle stress in a healthier way. Have more control of your life & emotions. Sameera’s expertise & genuine care for her students shine through in every session.

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