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Sameera’s Win Over Mind offers a Corporate service that transcends the boundaries of traditional counseling. It’s a profound and empathetic resource that intimately comprehends the profound depths of human struggles and emotional turmoil. What sets this service apart is Sameera’s personal journey, which has been marked by sleepless nights, profound sadness, and overwhelming anxiety. Through her own experiences, she has cultivated a unique empathy and insight that resonates deeply with those she serves.

Going beyond the conventional, Sameera’s approach tackles the roots of emotional suffering. It delves into the profound impact of trauma, self-doubt, and strained relationships, recognizing that these are intricate threads woven into the tapestry of life. What’s truly remarkable is that Sameera’s journey is not one of mere survival, but of triumph over adversity. Having transformed her own life, she has dedicated herself to touching the lives of over 5000 individuals.

In her work, Sameera has honed an adaptable approach, recognizing that every individual’s journey through grief and healing is unique. It’s an approach rooted in empathy, understanding, and profound wisdom about the human psyche. Sameera’s commitment to her clients is unwavering, serving as a steadfast guide through life’s most challenging moments.

Some features of the program is mentioned below:

Beyond Traditional Counseling: Sameera's service transcends conventional therapy, offering a unique and empathetic approach to emotional struggles.
Personal Journey Insights: Sameera's personal experiences bring depth and insight, fostering genuine connections with clients facing similar challenges.
Rooted in Resilience: Her approach addresses the roots of emotional suffering, recognizing trauma, self-doubt, and strained relationships as integral elements.
Triumph Over Adversity: Sameera's own transformative journey from adversity to triumph fuels her commitment to helping over 5000 individuals.
Adaptable Healing: With empathy and wisdom, Sameera tailors her approach to each individual's unique journey, providing unwavering support in challenging times.

Peace With Sleep & Pain

3 months with 09 1-2-1 Sessions at
₱ 1,499 / Session

Peace With Sleep & Pain

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Sameera’s Win Over Mind is more than a service; it’s a beacon of hope. It’s a sanctuary for those who seek solace and transformation, a place where personal growth is nurtured amidst the struggles of life. Through her service, Sameera offers not just counseling but a profound connection, understanding, and the promise of a brighter, more resilient future.

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15 Minutes Online Session
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30 Minutes Offline Session
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Personal Touch Fun Sessions Guidance & Support

As a certified Therapist, Mindfulness Facilitator, and accredited Wellness Coach, I bring a wealth of experience from diverse global working cultures. My background in Learning and Development (L&D) is extensive, specializing in Capability and Learning Development functions. I hold certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Additionally, I am certified in the Gottman Methods of Family and Relational therapy.

Drawing from vast expertise in Art Expression Therapy, I offer effective stress reduction techniques. My creative program for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in the workplace has yielded positive results in schools, universities, and various organizations. 

Sameera's Win Over Mind offers personalized One-on-One programs tailored to your unique journey towards inner healing and well-being. With a profound understanding of the depths of darkness, I bring forth the transformative powers of Resilience, Hope, Conscientiousness, and Compassion, guiding you towards the innate happiness that lies within.

Sameera's Win Over Mind offers personalized one-on-one programs, guided by Sameera's profound understanding of navigating darkness and her expertise in harnessing resilience, hope, conscientiousness, and compassion to rediscover the path to happiness.

Sameera's expertise extends to mindfulness, and she has crafted a unique Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program specifically designed for the workplace. These proven methods have been successfully implemented in educational institutions and organizations, enhancing well-being and productivity.

Quotes by Sameera

“You are worthy of happiness and peace of mind. You are capable of managing your mental health and living a fulfilling life.”


Read my international journal on stress reduction.

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Sameera's sessions offer authentic empathy and profound insights, going beyond typical counseling to address trauma, self-doubt, grief, and strained relationships.

Mindfullness Circle Membership

Embark on a self-paced journey to integrate spiritual healing into your recovery process, enhancing presence, groundedness, and peace.


A free spirited woman, who is compassionate, caring, loving and most of all she always sees the good in others. One of the most genuine person I have ever come across. Sending you lots of love Sameera ❤❤


Age: 28 Years
I felt very at ease with Sameera and have found motivation to continue with my healing. She allowed me to share my thoughts and emotions without any pressure and gave me helpful tips and exercises at the end of our first session.


Age: 33 Years, Lawyer

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