Understanding youself while you learn & talk with Sameera.

I have spent 20+ years working towards the mental and spiritual well being of several individuals. They have benefitted greatly from the courses and sessions.


It’s always a joy to hear that the work we do, has positively reviews.

I have spent 20+ years working towards the mental and spiritual well being of several individuals. They have benefitted greatly from the courses and sessions.

A free spirited woman, who is compassionate, caring, loving and most of all she always sees the good in others. One of the most genuine person I have ever come across. Sending you lots of love Sameera ❤❤


Age: 28 Years
I felt very at ease with Sameera and have found motivation to continue with my healing. She allowed me to share my thoughts and emotions without any pressure and gave me helpful tips and exercises at the end of our first session.


Age: 33 Years, Lawyer
As I prepare myself for my Civil Services Exam (UPSC) tomorrow, i want to thank you. Thank you for being a pillar of strength for me all this while. Ik I’ve been MIA, and there’s a lot more to work on me. But all this while that I haven’t had a session with you, all that you’ve told me has stayed with me and has helped me immensely. I hope that once I’m done with my exam we’ll work on me together again. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. 🙏 Booking a session for the coming week now! 🙂


Age: 26, Lawyer
I’ve been in session with Dr. Sameera for nearly 6 months at this point and i deal with bipolar disorder. She had guided me through so much and was there every single time when i needed her with all my episodes and all the anxiety.. As a person who went through so much trauma and started regular therapy only few months ago i’m in a much better mental health.. And I would recommend her to everyone.. she is just brilliant at what she does and will be available for you and your pain throughout.


Age: 27, Housewife
Sameera is amazing, she’s helped me so much through my anxiety & personal issues this season. I’ve never sought a professional for my mental health issues before this but I can honestly say my experience has been a breeze. I learn so much from her every week & I am so grateful for her time! Also, thanks to Jackie for all her help!


Age: 23, Digital Marketing Professional
Sameera conducted a workshop on ‘Anger Management using DBT’ for our students at @Psychoshiksha. We are absolutely delighted to have her as our resource person. Students learnt a lot from her. Looking forward to have many more workshops from her side. Thank you Sameera for a wonderful session.


SonuAge: 26
 Usually I have a hard time meditating even though I have done it a couple of times. As you've said I feel its usually because I "pixel-ize" everything thinking it would guide me towards meditation. Earlier, I have come to realize it is through seeing the bigger picture that I can be guided through it. You've guided me well through the whole process. Thank you so much. (PS. Also I don't think the session was too long nor too fast. Everything was just right. I also like how you also educate us at the same time guiding the meditation. Very soulful indeed Sameera I am thankful. .

Glenn Gemperoa

Age: 24
I want to share a quick note about our session with Sameera. Though we had met to speak about our physical pain & mindfulness, we ended up talking about much more. The comprehensive activities designed by the expert clearly highlighted the purpose of mindfulness in our lives, as a state of awareness, of living in the present moment which perhaps has been the greatest takeaway from this meeting. I can now vouch that I have come away with more clarity about my body, emotions & mindfulness. I wish to thank Bharti & Sameera for organizing this enlightening experience."

Bharti Manila

Age: 22
Warm, compassionate and strong would be the first words that I think about for Ms Sameera. She gave me the clarity what was happening to me and how I can respond to it, slowly but surely. Aside from that, Her passion with helping people is genuine. Indeed a friend of a lifetime. ❤️ Grateful I met her through Connected Women. ❤️ Thank you Ms. 🙂


Age: 24, Virtual Assistant

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