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Community forums like Thursday Circle allow people to connect and discuss shared interests. A survey by Global Web Index found that participation in online community forums increased from 72% in 2017 to 86% in 2023.

People have embarked on a journey creating a flexible approach to allow people to grieve and heal for growth. Join our Thursday circle & become a part of the community you can rely on. If one has ever found a solution online to an obscure tech problem they’ve had, then it’s very likely they’ve interacted with an online community forum.


Close Knit Community

Join our Thursday circle and become a part of the community you can rely on. If one has ever found a solution online to an obscure tech problem they’ve had, then it’s very likely they’ve interacted with an online community forum. Community forums allow people to connect and discuss shared interests. Especially now, when many individuals’ days are spent online, community forums represent a space of connection for many. Thrusday circle can be your inner circle of peace with like minded people. 

  • Mental Health Improvement: Individuals who actively engage in supportive communities during challenging periods are more likely to experience improved mental health. NIMH found that participating in such communities can lead to reduced symptoms of anxiety & depression.
  • Resilience & Coping: Communities provide an essential platform for people to share coping strategies & build resilience. Survey conducted by APA, 82% of respondents reported that being part of a supportive community helped them better cope with adversity & develop resilience.
  • Decreased Isolation: Loneliness & isolation can exacerbate the impact of tough times. AARP reports that individuals who engage in communities have decreased feelings of isolation & increased social connections, which can be instrumental in navigating difficult life. 

Community Based Resilience & Coping

A community for guiding people through tough times is a supportive and empathetic social group or network specifically designed to help individuals navigate and overcome challenging or difficult situations in their lives. Our communities is typically formed around a common theme, such as grief, mental health, recovery from addiction, or a particular life event like loss or trauma. We serve as safe spaces experiences, offer & receive emotional support, & access resources & guidance to cope with their challenges.

  • Shared Experience: Members of the community have gone through or are currently facing similar difficulties, creating a sense of camaraderie and understanding.
  • Emotional Support: The community offers a platform for individuals to express their feelings, fears, and anxieties without judgment. It’s a place to find compassion and validation.

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Community-based resilience and coping emphasize the idea that individuals do not face adversity in isolation; they are part of a larger social network that can provide vital resources and support. By leveraging these community assets, individuals can better navigate challenging circumstances and emerge from them with greater strength and adaptability. In the realm of community-based resilience and coping, social support networks serve as a crucial foundation. Within these networks, communities establish a web of social connections that

extends a helping hand to individuals confronting challenges, offering them emotional solace, valuable information, and practical assistance. This interconnected support system becomes a wellspring of comfort and encouragement, especially during the most trying moments. Furthermore, community resources play an indispensable role in bolstering resilience. These local assets encompass a diverse array of establishments, including community centers, non-profit organizations, religious institutions, and social services.

Love is the most profound force in the universe, capable of healing
wounds, bridging divides, and igniting the human spirit.

Samuel Jackson


After my devastating breakup, I found solace in [Name's] guidance. Their empathetic support and insightful advice were a lifeline during a challenging time. With their help, I've not only healed but also discovered a stronger, more resilient version of myself. I'm immensely grateful for their unwavering support.
Ayush Ghosh
Software Professional
Sameera has been an invaluable source of comfort & wisdom following my breakup. Their caring approach & practical advice helped me navigate the emotional storm. Thanks to their guidance, I'm now on a path of healing & self-discovery. I can't thank Sameera enough for being there when I needed it most.
Ayush Ghosh
Home Maker

What Data Has To Say . . .

Psychological resilience & coping strategies have been found to be related to various psychological & mental health problems. Evaluations of the relationship between resilience & coping style among university students are important for developing effective health promotion strategies focused on resilience intervention to benefit students’ health & well-being. The relationship between psychological resilience & coping styles has usually been examined among adults & patients. Very few studies have investigated the relationship between resilience & coping style in university students. 

Community Care ?

In essence, creating harmony in the aftermath of betrayal or trauma involves a multi-faceted approach. It requires acknowledging the past, seeking professional help or support, & cultivating self-compassion. It’s a journey that may be arduous, but it is also one of healing, growth, & ultimately finding peace & balance in life.

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