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A study conducted by NIMHANS showed that around 1 in every 20 IT professionals contemplates suicide and 27.6 percent of them in India are addicted to narcotic drugs to control their depression level

From a very financially restricted family, this client was referred to me by a fellow Mental health professional Indian residing in the US. She would usually take up cases to help people in need for free. She gave me this case as she felt that there is more intensity required.

Who was He

Our client an IT professional 23, Nice Built and always dressed professionally was experiencing extreme Depression, He has had an untoward experience in settling down a matrimonial offer into a marriage.

He felt really guilty for rejecting someone and also very sad about being rejected…Meanwhile, he was working from Home in an IT company each day thriving with demand for their beloved employee to perform at par

His complaints – Extreme Anger, Crying Bouts, not able to accept, Guilty and resentful, Ashamed and very controlling, unable to focus and super scared that he will lose his job because of that

He finally did lose the Job I was told and that was it.

3 Things I learnt and would emphasize today to all the Business Owners and Managers

Observation Matters


Sometimes people just need to be checked in with, they just want to tell you what has happened to them as a result of which they have lost the MOJO – SO CHECK IN EVERYDAY – Check-in for a Complete Being.

How to Check In

May be a morning routine of sending emoji’s on Personal Chat / just a private tracker of people are actually doing is such an important work.

The conversation around feeling Sad Specially for MEN in the work Place

I realized that one of the things that my client was ashamed about was the weakness he represented because he was not able to keep how he felt in his personal life separated from what will help him at work .

How to Manage this Stigma

Depression , Thoughts to end life or attempt for it are usually attributed to certain kind of people …hence the reactions like “but he was so strong ” This stigma needs to break to normalize the conversation about the “s” word

EAP Beyond sessions Work place is the biggest contributor of stress in more than 74% of the workforce globally. The repercussions are seen beyond the work

  1. The impact is seen on the attention
  2. emotional regulation
  3. brain fog
  4. memory
  5. decision making
  6. violent
  7. power abuse

It is important there fore to encourage a repository of practices that a person can has shown use on a regular basis that creates strengths for facing challenging times …Its a practice and not a session

How can you create these strengths?

Research of several years has s shown that mindfulness is an evolved behavior a choice that can help in creating shifts in the thinking and openness to accept and positively change the environment around us

I hope this article helps managers to do small things to avoid great losses

Sources: Silicon India

Mindfulness Center

Brown University

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