Yoga for the Grieving mind

We all face grief, and the profound feeling does not need a lot of effort in todays world, we have created the most violent space to be in and also the most indifferent in many ways …although most answers are looked for outside …like who loves us , who gives us peace and who is as perfect and great as us, The healing from Grief is an inside job. It is a Job of the mind , body and spirit to align

Considering the mind is the monkey is an easy go to for impact Grief does have its impact on the Body where this faculty wants to shut down , cave in-  and identify with the fears and conditioning of the world. The pain in the joints, the stiffness in the limbs and Hollow in the Gut are all the Body calling for help 

Grief has no guidebook—no straight line to follow. Grief is the soul’s way of mourning a person, place, or thing of time past. It comes in waves and is rarely predictable. One minute you are balled up on the couch crying pools of tears, the next you are laughing, the next you are numb. Because of this, the kindest thing we can do for ourselves when experiencing grief is to allow it to be there and give ourselves time to heal.

Yoga on todays Yoga Day is a Great way to bring the body back and feel Grief and accept it as a part of us and not an external and deep pain.

Today on the Yoga day I Share the 3 Yoga Asanas that help in Grief

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

In this pose the gaze is inward, toward the self. As a very introspective pose it allows for deep reflection and protection. It also exposes and brings more awareness to the back body, allowing for the breath to fully enter the base of the spine and the kidneys, which can hold a lot of trauma.

Vajrasana, variation (Thunderbolt Pose)

Come to a kneeling position with your knees and feet together. Use your hands to press your inner heels into each other as you slowly lower your seat onto your heels. On an inhalation, raise your arms alongside your ears; on an exhalation, reach your right fingertips to the floor (to the outside of your right foot), and bend toward your right side. Inhale back to vertical, then exhale over to the left side. Repeat 3–5 times on each side, then place your hands in your lap, palms facing up, with your dominant hand cradling your passive hand for 5 deep breaths.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Lie flat on your abdomen and place your hands under your shoulders. Curl your shoulders away from the floor, feeling your collarbones broadening, and press down into all 10 toenails. On an inhalation, slowly extend forward through your sternum as you raise your head and chest off the mat, keeping your head in line with your torso. Press your hands into the mat and isometrically move them forward to help plug your shoulders into your back and open your chest. Stay here for 5–8 breaths, then slowly lower down to the mat and rest on one cheek, arms by your side, for a couple breaths.

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